Inside the IEEE-ISTO: 2016 Spring Edition

The March 2016 issue of Inside the IEEE-ISTO is now available.  

March 2016 ISTO Newsletter

IEEE-ISTO Supports a Wide Range of Industry Groups

IEEE-ISTO partners with innovative trade associations and consortia on advancing technology for the benefit of industry.  From wireless mobile specifications...and much more, IEEE-ISTO is the fastest way to get your standardized technology to market.

IEEE-ISTO Supports a Wide Range of Industry Groups
ISTO Supports a Wide Range of Industry Groups


Members share their thoughts on working within the IEEE-ISTO Federation.

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  • Standards and Specifications
  • Conformance and Test Programs
  • Non-profit Incorporation and Program Formation
  • Program Management/Strategic Planning
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Financial Administration
  • Membership Management
and more.

Enabling Each Group to Achieve Its Own Standards Mission

IEEE-ISTO collaborates with a wide range of groups to bring industry standards to fruition and to ensure their success in the market. Our depth of knowledge, experience and not-for-profit status offer technical industry associations the best possible opportunities to achieve their goals and objectives.